User Sentimental eXperience

My name is Nami. If I have to lable I would call myself as a web publihser (based Rotterdam, the Netherlands). I love making web pages. It's just really fun that what I simply imagine and write is displayed on the world of the web. Thus I've been experimenting with playful visual languages on the web, creating a few self-initiated publishing projects. My passion and love of the web medium have made me think that I want to be a web publisher and designer in the upcoming future. Since then I've looked around the job market and found the UX practice most interesting above all. The idea of creating a good user experience in our daily digital products is beautiful indeed. But then I also realised that the user experience meant by the current UX practice is often referring to making all the design elements highly efficient for user performance. Of course this efficiency orientation is significant, as the web is a functionality-based medium. However, I think good user experience can embrace more than that. What I often miss on the web is a variety of sentiments and emotions. I mean feelings which are inviting, warm, energetic, playful, subtle, nostalgic, cute, etc. I believe these are crucial parts of the user experiences as well! Thus I've decided to explore the possibilities of bringing more sentiments and emotions to the web. In this place, I would like to share with you a series of small web experiments and essays about the user sentimental experience every few weeks.